I'm a sucker for nail art, but I don't have the skill or patience to be drawing tiny pictures on my nails. & getting them done at the salon costs a fortune! So I've been in search of quick and easy but pretty nail art that won't make me cringe when I pull out my wallet. 

I've already spent a small price on the Konad nail stamp set. A small set with all the essentials only costs about $50 on their Ebay store & that will last you a lifetime. The results were amazing but it is a bit fiddly & takes up a lot of your time. I then gave Sally Hansen's nail strips a try. Some of the patterns look very tacky but they were quick, easy and fun! However once they start chipping after about a week they look terrible, messy & dirty. Which is when I discovered they were a nightmare to take off! My fingers being soaked in nail polish remover for that long, can't be good for them. 

I've now found my next nail craze. Sally Hansen's Magnetic nail colours! It was easy to apply and looks great! It was a simple as putting on two coats of polish then holding the magnetic strip over your nails for 10seconds. The results were fabulous. 

I've been interested in the magnetic nail colours when they first came out in store but haven't had a chance to try it out. Priceline's gift with purchase offer is what tipped me over the purchase funnel. What will they come up next to wring money out of my wallet?!