Wanted to show off the sleeveless aspect
The weather in Sydney has reverted back to cold and windy after a few glorious sunny days. So it was time for me to dig out the leggings, jackets and scarves again. (I jumped the gun and started packing them away already).

Who doesn't love finding things on sale? And I don't mean the measly 10% off. I'm talking about the ones that are really worth it. The ones that make you proud of yourself for weeks & gives you a secret grin every time you put them on. I get absolutely filthy when I pay full price, then see it again a few weeks later with a massive mark down. Because of this, I try not to buy anything at full price. (Unless I love it so much and can't sleep until it was safe in my closet. In which case I'm willing to pay the price for the sake of my health). It is mostly being in the right place at the right time. But for other times, I tend to value the item for what it's really worth (not what the trendy magazines or little evil voices in my head are telling me) & then I wait patiently. REALLY patiently. 

Another problem I have is I don't treat my things very well. I'm too lazy to hand wash or dry clean or even iron sometimes. So I really don't deserve expensive nice things, but if I got them for a steal, I won't feel too guilty when they accidentally get destroyed. Below is the list of what I'm wearing & the price indicates how much it won't hurt if they were ruined. 

     1. SES synthetic leather jacket - was $60 down to $13. 
SES's clothes generally is atrocious quality, but sometimes you come across one that's not at all that bad. I've worn this jacket a few times, it keeps me warm & still looks fine. So I'm not too fussed.
     2. Ally viscose floral scarf - was $20 down to $7
     3. TFNC burgundy lace dress - was $71 down to $27.90
     4. Payless ankle boots - was $50 down to $17
It was originally $200 in total, but for $65, why not?

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