There have been abundance of times where I've had buyers remorse & I've fallen out of the refund deadline window. The clothes or accessories are near new & some even still have the tags on them. But every time I look at them I'm either thinking "What was I thinking, it's just not me?!" or "I'm never going to have an occasion to wear this". Throwing them out or giving them away is just a painstaking waste, so it gets put in my closet, taking up space & collecting dusk. 

An email from Asos Marketplace has sparked an idea, I think I might have found a solution to my growing lack-of-closet-space problem. Sell them second had, there's clearly a market for it if Asos have opened up a hosting platform. I've pulled everything out I'm unable to use and ironed and hung them up in a presentable manner. A good friend has even offered to model the items of clothes and accessories for me! It's free to post & a fun summer project to keep me busy. Even if I make $2 from each sale after delivery costs, that's still better than it wasting away at the back of my closet or ending up in the charity bins. 

I was lucky enough to make some sales before they've even reached the online marketplace! Just by telling some friends my plans for the Summer! 

The saying is over used but absolutely true "one man's trash is another man's treasure".