I saw a similar product at Priceline a while back but it was by another brand and had a ridiculous price tag. Then more recently I walked into Gloss & there it was Models Co Fibre Lash for $48. 

I know you're thinking that's still ridiculous for mascara! But when there are new innovations and ideas like this. I can't help but give it a try. What it is is a 3 step process that is suppose to make your lashes longer, thicker and luscious. A false lash look for everyday use. 

How it works is pretty simple:
Step 1: apply the mascara, making sure you cover your lashes base to tip (taller bottle)
Step 2: apply the tiny white fibre hairs to thicken & lengthen. They cling to the mascara that you just applied (shorter bottle)
Step 3: re-apply the black mascara to cover the hairs on your lashes. 

Voila! Luscious lashes with little to no effort. It's much more comfortable and light to wear compared to falsies or extensions. It lasts all day without you having to worry about your lashes hanging off your face. 

I'm still deciding whether it's worth forking out the $48. It's a little bit clumpy and doesn't separate your lashes like most mascaras. But what did you expect? you're rubbing fur onto your eyelashes. It's definitely better for value compared to those $100+ high end mascaras you get at Myer or DJs. Those are more for bragging rights than getting the dramatic results I'm looking for. 

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my new toy for everyday use. But I'll still turn to false lashes for the special occasions.