I’m sick to death of hearing continuous babble in the media that ‘so & so is copying Lady GaGa’. The latest media buzz at the moment is Christina Aguilera channelling Lady GaGa in her new video clip ‘not myself’. I can’t see how that’s ‘copying’ per se. First of all Christina is a much better quality artist than Lady GaGa vocally and her outrageous video clip was actually suitable for her song lyrics. I don’t see how Gaga’s mass murder scene has anything to do with ‘Telephone’ or simulated gay sex have any connection to ‘Alejandro’. If you’re going to draw parallels between GaGa and every new artist that comes out with something interesting. Then I can easily say the shock factor has been used in fashion & video clips by artists such as Ayumi & Madonna way before lady Ga Ga’s time. And if you’re going to nit-pick then it’s clear GaGa is channelling Madonna in her new promotion for ‘Alejandro’.
GaGa - Alejandro, Madonna - Vogue
GaGa - Alejandro, Madonna - Frozen
Just because GaGa’s a bit of a media whore and is the loudest with her outrageous act and outfits, doesn’t make her original. There really is no such thing as originality anymore. It’s the same shit being churned out over and over again, just done at different times & in different mannerisms. Anyone can do an image search on Google and there will be similarities over time shown through different artists. Please stop talking GaGa up like she’s some revolutionary visionary that everyone in the music industry is copying. She’s just another pop star trying to make her mark. That’s all i have to say about that.

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You have to believe in yourself. That's the secret of success.

03/18/2011 02:10

Unfairness – this is hardest to deal with, but unfortunately that is how our country works. People with connections, rich dads, beautiful faces, pedigree find it easier to make it – not just in Bollywood, but everywhere. And sometimes it is just plain luck. There are so few opportunities in India, so many stars need to be aligned for you to make it happen. Merit and hard work is not always linked to achievement in the short term, but the long term correlation is high, and ultimately things do work out. But realize, there will be some people luckier than you. In fact, to have an opportunity to go to college and understand this speech in English means you are pretty damm lucky by Indian standards. Let’s be grateful for what we have and get the strength to accept what we don’t. I have so much love from my readers that other writers cannot even imagine it. However, I don’t get literary praise. It’s ok. I don’t look like Aishwarya Rai, but I have two boys who I think are more beautiful than her. It’s ok. Don’t let unfairness kill your spark.

10/27/2011 23:02

As an old Bjork fan (even Madonna asked Bjork to write a song for her) I get offended by people talking up Lady Gaga too! There is nothing shocking or original about her but the most offensive thing to me is her music. It's uncool, commercial drivel.

Yours opinionatedly,
Colleen :)

06/23/2012 01:59

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